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The Atomic Ninja

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The Secret of Poetry–Jon Anderson [Jan. 19th, 2012|07:02 pm]
The Atomic Ninja
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The Secret of Poetry
by: Jon Anderson

When I was lonely, I thought of death.
When I thought of death I was lonely.

I suppose this error will continue.
I shall enter each gray morning.

Delighted by the frost, which is death,
& the trees that stand alone in mist.

When I met my wife I was lonely.
Our child in her body is lonely.

I suppose this error will go on & on.
Morning I kiss my wife’s cold lips,

Nights her body, dripping with mist.
This is the error that fascintes.

I suppose you are secretly lonely,
Thinking of death, thinking of love.

I’d like, please, to leave on your sill
Just one cold clower, whose beauty

Would leave you inconsolable all day.
The secret of poetry is cruelty.

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Deam 10-28-2011 [Oct. 29th, 2011|02:45 am]
The Atomic Ninja

Ok, so the dream to start is a little vague, there is a party at mom’s house and tons of people are there. It’s something like a 4th of July party we always have. I think somehow the party is for me. Birthday or my coming back or something. It’s a bit vague, but comes important later. The main thing I do remember is trying tog et the old video game systems to work.  There was a kinda niceish basement entertainment center they all were. I spent much of my time schmoozing and getting the games to work and getting people to play them.

As for the guests, somehow all my major relationships were there and pretty happy to see me. I was a bit shocked to see my first girlfriend there, but I worked on keeping everyone all happy and occupied for the most part. Me and the first girl had a bit of catching up to do, since it’d been a very long time since we’d seen each other.

The second thing that ended up happening was that my Nemesis joined the party. He somehow convinced my brother that this was *his* party as he was off to the Chaosrealms and may never be heard from again. I may have just gotten back from there actually. I ragequitted the party and tried to sleep in the park across the street. The cold from the fan on me probably had something to do with me dreaming I was sleeping outside.

Anyway, I went back and the party was winding down. My video games were being played. largely not by me or my friends as the Nemesis had taken over. The exes were all standing around somewhat uncomfortable. It was at this point that I screamed the most visceral scream I think I have ever done. Twice. It was like on all fours screaming on the ground with everything I had.

When that was wrong I remember the First being there, doing that comforty thing that people do. We knew we had to leave. The Nemesis was done, and he was toying with me now. Somehow he had set it up to ruin everything I had. So we both fled. We caught up a bit on things. She mentioned how she had left a string of broken hearts behind her, and went from toying to lamenting, I had a bit of a vision of her going to slutdom, but remembered my own decent and decided we were ok.

So we fled, to a mallish area, where the Nemesis caught up to me and began mocking me. I was doing something like trying to run the wrong way up an escalator (I think he was controlling it somehow). He seemed to be hovering a bit over me, whether he was an apparition or not I don’t really remember.  I let him know I knew what he was doing. He said no one ever believe me, no one ever does. I told him that he hadn’t replied to the MySpace message I sent him in weeks. He freaked out, apparently social media was his weakness, so he left to go check on the abandoned site. Meanwhile I managed to scale the nonmoving parts of the escalator and caught up with the First.

I knew the plan now, it was time for us to attack. There was some sort of themepark version of a villians lair nearby so we went there.  There were a few challenges we had to pass at first. The one that really stuck out in my head was having to walk under a pool of some sort of burning acid. There was a little box type thing we had, and as long as we stood up and kept walking it would be fine. The First was a bit nervous, but I reminded  her that we’ll be fine since she’s already walked through Death once to get me, walking through this together would be nothing.

The lair itself was set up cinematically like a movie reenactment. The guests were lined up along the back and the action happened in the front. This one was about the climactic final battle. Fitting. The first phase, we were all given knives, we were then being psychokenitically controlled, or maybe magnetically, either way, the knives we wanted to deposit in the boss were trying very hard to deposit themselves in our neighbors. I remembered this part from my previous encounter and held the knives sharp edge out along my forearms for the most control and told the First to do so as well.

After that phase, things start to get blurry. There was another phase that may have involved some sort of firehose/ectoplasm spray or something. I didn’t pay too much attention to it really. I knew the Nemesis was weakening, I woke up shortly after. I kinda blame the Duane and Brand0 Double Dragon video I was watching right beforehand, and the Haunted Sorority House dungeon in KoL immediately before that.


The second dream was far less fun. I was back in class with a special guest teacher, I still had all my notes. In fact I had notes from 5th grade where this teacher originally taught us (somehow in 2000), and was all proud and trying to show them around. That was mostly it. The difficulties were in actually finding the right notes, reading my handwriting, damaged notes, the usual dream stuff that prevents you from remembering details.

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Dream–2011/09/25 [Sep. 25th, 2011|07:57 am]
The Atomic Ninja

So last night’s dream was a tad more jumbled. It took place inter-dreaming for me. I only remember two parts well, they were torward the end (the other parts, not toward the end were mostly me wandering around in my gramma’s mansion)

The first part: we were all being contacted by this group. We had formed some sort of unit (also we were given little wrist straps that had tear away straps on them. They didn’t work right, and the strip on top was frozen, so the only way to see the time was to tear ir off, and you only had so many). The whole point I think was to tear off a strip and use that to record time, like ok I was here at *tear* 10:46 see here is the strip. Dunno.

Anyway, me and like 6 people were attempting to form a unit to combat an alien threat (maybe the one in the previous dream). These groups were to be doing most of their actions during REM sleep, so we were all asleep for out meeting. Well the leaderguy, the one in charge of operations was doubting the efface of the team was on. So I gave a rousing speech on why we were awesome. He was calling out inadequacies and discrepancies in our reports, effectively saying I specifically falsified my resume. So I went over point by point, telling him that what I wrote were my goals, also if he’d bothered to look, that below he’d see how I had planned to implement these goals, and what progress I was making. So he could either kindly read things in context or… Fuck off.

In the dream I woke up and was relating this to an olderlady who was cheering us on. In the party as well was Paco, and some guy who was essentially a merchant. But now I was back ‘home’. I remember going around some giant mall/space complex. It’s a fairly common theme for me.

The next part of the dream I was inside the alien compound. Our team had been betrayed by the leaderguy. One of the girls on the team was impregnated with some sort of alien thing. They were using her as an incubator really, and I heard her screams very loudly. The overseer scolded her saying “Look, we gave Hitler seven testacles, you can handle one little alien baby.”

For the most part the scene was panning over etched hybrid skulls, mountains of them don’t know why per se. They seemed important. Maybe a ritual artifact. There were more bits to the dream but they faded a bit. I’ll try to keep this going. I almost didn’t write it as it was too faded, but maybe this will help others not-fade

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Dream 2001/09/24 [Sep. 24th, 2011|02:35 am]
The Atomic Ninja

School inspections. There are rumors going around everywhere as to the scariness of it.
It’s lunchtimeish. I’m reading a magazine. The inspector is some sort of general. He has the power to cut funding to our school. The band is coming in and practicing. There is a little wooden staircase, on the left of the room, some decks in the back, a clear area in the middle, and a pit where the band goes. The conductor has a hugeass baton. She asks me to move out of the way (as I was sitting reading a magazine not too far from the stairwell.

As she’s asking me this, she stops conducting and the band gets a bit out of control, the teacher comes in and tries to get things under control before the inspector hears, but it’s too late, he’s already coming up the stairwell and heard it from the next room. I shuffle to hide things I and others have left around. I was supposed to be doing something, but don’t especially remember what.

I talk to the generalyguy let him know that I’m just cleaning up after lunch (pretending I’m janatorial or something) he vaguely dismissess me, but is somewhat dissapointed.The implication is he will cut funding. Me and several others discuss the implications of this in the back of the room. Mostly that schools that have been cut are worthless and pitied by the rest of society. We notice that the back of the room (which is turning out to be more like an amiptheatre) leads into the woods.

We all go through the woods, and finsd a large barrier that has been partially broken through. It’s a wooden deal with beams aboutas thick as I am, but here is enough room where they have been wedged loose to squeeze through. Sensing something is up we go through. We’re immediately on some sort of spaceship type area.

It’s a sort of loading dock. Turns out the general is part of an advanced wave of invaders who are attempting to weaken us by undermining our educational system. The group of us, of course take the fight to them, and an epic battle ensues, unfortunately, we’re beaten back. As we come out of the dock area the ampitheatre has changed into more of a cabin and we’re on a bit of an forested island place (there is water in the distance) almost like a summer camp.

The war has now already begun. It’s dark and my job is mostly logictical. There is a girl, she’s been badly wounded, and is in a full body cast. I take care of her, try to watch a movie with her, positioning her so she can watch it, I think I even made popcorn. I don’t know her, but I know it’s important to help her. I do what I can for her while monitoring the progress of the raid-team.

Morning comes, she’s feeling a little better. The team returns. It’s still going badly, they did some major damage but took some major losses, they were unlikely to significicantly delay the impending invasion.

Now I wake up, still in the cabin. It is a school retreat. I try to let everyone know about the dream I just had. The alarm goes off soon after that.

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Rain of Blood [Sep. 6th, 2011|05:49 pm]
The Atomic Ninja

It had been several years since the Coming. The few stragglers left fought to survive in the barren wastes. Most of what had been North America and Asia was destroyed. The once fertile lands of Africa, from which humanity had crawled out mewling like a helpless kitten, was now their refuge. The droughts had ended after the sky fell. The temperature had dropped to new record lows as the thick clouds drifted over heard.

Cherdan was a hunter. The larger beasts had been hunted to extinction, so he survived by hunting for the vermin and pests that fed on the remains of the larger creatures. The rats were cunning. At times, he feared they would be to cunning for him. They seemed to work together like one mind, waves and waves of them would sometimes run out an entire town. Cherdan hoped to stop that.

The Amazon Desert was largely his home, the wild pigs had been run off into the receding jungles, but the rats had taken home in their wake. She always considered the rats to think like the Aliens. They somehow communicated without words. She remembered the Coming, she was very young, a few years old at most, but the singular impression they left her never faded.

They seemed to touch into her mind. She felt the warmth and love of her mother. The cool pride of her father. Her brother bickering introduced the first darkening cloud into her thoughts. As her circle of awareness expanded to the jealousy of her neighbors, the anger of the man down the streets, she felt the overwhelming truth about emotions. They were best hidden away.

All of humanity became connected that day, for a brief time, all the pain and sadness, anger and rage, millennia of repression laid naked for everyone to see. Truths were laid out and the little lies that everyone told each other to keep sane were blown away like chaff. Soon, the secrets of entire nations were known to everyone. It was too late to stop the chain reaction, and finally, after endless eons of swimming in the emotions of the entire world, it stopped.

Then the bombs came. Those not obliterated in the first wave of attacks were left to rot away, a living death caused by the fire from the skies. Those who had taken shelter had survived and emerged to a raw world. Burnt and forsaken now, the aliens had left, content to have destroyed the world with it’s own darkness.

Cherdan looked out into the skies. The rains were coming again, they promised to be thick this time. The torrential downpours of ash and chemicals that killed life instead of restoring it as the waters were once rumored to do. The tears of those slain, or the hatred of those who slew. The rains of blood.

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The Old Wall [Aug. 4th, 2011|12:32 pm]
The Atomic Ninja

The constant winds whipped across the rock. The storm had been going on for several days now. Muris had begun to think that he would be forever soaked to the bone. The northern route through the Old Wall was a risky one. The storms had blown down many of the emplacements, which made travelling a good deal easier than going through the southern routes, where you might be detoured miles by an errant wall. However, the ease of passage was mitigated, quite simply, by the storms themselves.

The Great Storm as it was sometimes called, had been said to be roiling more or less continuously since the Great War. The weather whipped across the plains more often than not, and while it may not have been strictly uninterrupted in the several centuries since it first began, it had held it’s reputation nonetheless.

Muris knew about the bandits who roamed the Old Wall, taking refuge in the miles and miles of mounds and edifices that crisscrossed the land. They made their lairs among the stone and wood walls and had a network of passaged and tunnels known only to them. Typically, they hired themselves out as Guides. If you were accompanied by a Guide you were safe. However, if you tried to make the passage on your own, you were likely to run out of provisions, whether through the trials of navigating the mazes, or the sudden lightness of your packs.

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Winter at the lake [Aug. 2nd, 2011|01:21 pm]
The Atomic Ninja

With a splinter and a crack the ice gave way.  The deep, rippling, moaning of the sheet of ice, splintered and cracked as the chasm spread like frozen lightning across the surface of the lake. In a second Delise was gone, a puff of smoke and a wet thud were all that remained to tell the world of her passing. The freezing air blew hard and muffled the din, carried away the snow, and then there was nothing, no trace of the crack that consumed her.

The first thing that went was her breath. Snatched away by the crushing icy water, she tried to scream, but fell too quickly. In the moments hesitation, brought on by the bitter cold, she had already fallen below the surface. Her scream reached the surface as a few stray bubbles, escaping before the rapidly freezing tear sealed itself again. As she breathed in, the her lungs filled with the cold fluid, and immediately tried to expel it, only to draw in more frozen water. The coughing spasm, and the chilled water squoze her chest, wrenching any tiny bit of air she might have hidden there.

Next the light faded, as her body shook from the spasms, she tried to pound the ice above her head, but could get no hold, merely pushing herself deeper into the abyss. The creaking rumble was louder down here. She felt the vibrations deep into her bones as the light faded from her eyes, everything went dark and further she fell. The last vision Delise burned into her eyes was the eyes of Chess, her boyfriend, as she turned around and waved. Then inky black.

As she slid deeper, the roaring water around her filled her up. The blackness that framed her eyes was now burning red. Her heart was pounding in her chest, trying to push past her clenching lungs as if to escape the cold to freedom. She felt her skin flush at the same time the bitter cold pierced deeply into her muscles. Every one of her muscles ached, knotted in cords, hard as wood as she tried to use them to produce any motion at all.

The rush of sensations pushed deeply into her system. She vomited the lunch she had quickly eaten earlier, her body twisting and pulling to try to orient itself, only to swallow deeply more water. The pain surged from deep inside her, the bitter cold squeezing the life and warmth out of her. She repeated the cycle again, her body vainly trying to purge the thick deathly fluid from every orifice, only to suck even more back in immediately afterwards.

The sensation in her hands and feet was already mercifully gone. Otherwise she would have felt the flesh behind to swell as her body reacted violently to the alien cold it was now surrounded by. Her muscles burning, trying to gain some modicum of control. Her snarled and twisted claw of a hand grasping for some way out. Her body was at the same time on fire and pierced by the cold. Slowly, however the cold was winning. The cold would consume her.

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Teratish Desert Mists [Jul. 22nd, 2011|11:07 am]
The Atomic Ninja

The sun rose again from it’s nadir as it always does. Never quite sinking below the horizon as it does in the eastern wastes, the inescapable heat bore down on the Saran nomads driving them further toward the oasis. Or at least where the oasis was the last time anyone had bothered to map it. The shifting sands of the desert were treacherous indeed.

Kovalish searched his pack again. There was one more day of water rations in there, there had to be. Taking advantage of the shade provided by a large outcropping of rock, he wiped the sweat from his forehead, leaving a muddy streak behind. The sweaty dust actually did help his skin from becoming charred to a crisp under the harsh glare of the ever-sun, it did however take some getting used to. The urge to scour the sand and grime from his flesh was almost as overpowering as the oppressive heat.

The water ration eluded him still, and his heart raced now. The oasis was half a day’s journey away, under normal circumstances, but without the water rations to keep his body from desiccating, he was uncertain he would make even that. The sun was beginning it’s travel to it’s apex, and the days would only get hotter. He pulled out his tool and began to dig a small trench near the base of the rock. The cooler sand there would be welcome, and he had a bit of a wait ahead of him, it would be wise to dig his shadepit early in the day while he could. With luck there may even be some precious water under the rock.

It would almost be better if there weren’t. The dragh were very jealous about their aquifers. Trespassers were killed only after thoroughly ascertaining that no one else knew of it’s whereabouts, then put on display for as a warning to all others, that dragh sovereignty was absolute in these matters. It would do no good to argue against what many believed to be the original desert dwellers.

Kovalish wondered if he would be better off meeting the dragh or the naga tribes. There seemed to currently be an uneasy peace between the two, mostly evidenced in the recent lack of naga carcasses laid out on the sands to bake. Their flesh was decently nourishing, and many travellers had grown accustomed to the added food on their journeys. It was of course possible that the dragh had simply driven the naga to extinction, but that was unlikely. The naga were a crafty lot. So, the assumption among the nomads, and thus among the travellers was that the naga and the dragh had aligned themselves for some unknown purpose.

A loud wailing screech overhead signalled a harpy. Kovalish stopped digging immediately. They may have a difficult time spotting him under the outcropping of rock, but if he was seen, he would surely be driven off. The harpy sometimes used the outcroppings as meeting places, and he would never be able to hide from an entire gathering of harpy. His breath slowed as he waited.

The Saran nomads passed by the outcropping of rock later that way. They noted the freshly scoured skeleton and performed a quick invocation to quickly send it’s soul on it’s way. The deaths rarely ventured very far into the desert, and the reapers were no friend to the dead. It would  be best that the poor soul walk back out the way it came, unburdened by it’s now barren body. There were, of course, legends of far stranger things under the rock that came and claimed souls for themselves, but those were the tales told during the few dark hours of the year. Men have gone mad pondering such things, and the Saran nomads had no use for madness.

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The Fall of Mount Elegir [Jul. 21st, 2011|11:45 am]
The Atomic Ninja

The majestic halls of Calebrint lay in ruins. The heavy stone gateway leading to the throne room stood toppled and shattered in the hallway. Dromlit looked around at his once mighty kingdom and the pain welled up inside him like the granite root of the mountain. Cold and implacable, he felt the weight in the core of his lungs. Breathing deeply, Dromlit choked back and stifled his welling emotions, the aquifer threatening to burst through.

The fallen king surveyed his throne room. The Throne of Morntok lay thrown back, the high back split in two like a tablet thrown to the ground. The gems that encrusted the arms were scorched, as was the muduk hide that made up the seat. He could smell the burnt leather still, hanging in the air, mingling unpleasantly with the stench of roasted flesh. The air was still and stagnant, the painful reminders of the assault lingered like the ghosts of the fallen guards.

The line of noble dwarven kings stretched behind the throne. The statues were variously maimed and disfigured as the raiders stormed the throne room. His own father had been seemingly beheaded, the blast shattering most of his torso and taking with it the strong shield arm that had carried him when he was young. Dromlit clenched his gloved fist against the memories threatening to burst through. Leather and mail echoed through the halls as he twisted the hilt of his hammer in grip, sounds that once would have been easily drowned by the sweet laughter of children, or the barking orders of the guards on parade.

The rich tapestries were all gone burnt to cinders. Gifts from the royal emissaries, scorched craters pocked the walls where the mages had thrown their flaming globes. The bas reliefs depicting the rise of the Halls of Calebrint in the Root of Mount Elegir that had once lay behind the tapestries were destroyed and indecipherable. The tales of dwarven heritage, passed down through the generations through the faultless rock were now lost forever, never again would an artisan of the caliber of Milgran again grace the stone.

Dromlit turned away from the devastation. He had seen enough, verified it with his own eyes. He rushed back to his kingdom as quickly as he could when he had heard of the assault on his home. The newly crowned king had was scarcely gone a year. Lord Valdin had borne the terrible news. It was difficult to believe at first, men were quite difficult to read and prone to fancy, however the grave monarch proved his veracity by sending an armed guard back with him and commissioned the finest horses to race back to survey the damage.

The smoke could be seen from a days ride out. At first Dromlit had feared that Davora, the spirit within Elegir had grown restless and risen from her deep slumber, angry that the Dwarf Lord had left his great halls. Ancient dwarven magics had kept her under a deep slumber for many ages, and those magics still held firm. The assault had been carried out by the hated enemies. It must have taken their entire nation to breach the outer maze, and penetrate the Solemn Halls.

Dromlit again gripped his hammer. He felt the deep shuddering miles beneath his feet. Davora slept, but lightly, and with his rage, me might wake her. The time for repression was at it’s end, let the dam burst forth and the fire, rock, and ash of his mighty rage burst forth. Dromlit found himself speaking the ancient words of power, with the shuddering of the mountain grew deeper. He bent his entire will toward one thing and one purpose now, and as the caverns above him collapsed, he summoned the combined might of the ancient dwarven arcana, their shared history, and collective strength toward one thought. Revenge.

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Incredulous [Jul. 20th, 2011|08:02 pm]
The Atomic Ninja

Devry watched the starcruiser from his berth on Anaquada station. Bitter thoughts filled him as he watched the crews swarming over her hull like bugs. Insects against the massive bulk of his home. Former home, he reminded himself. It would be a long time before he would be allowed back on a ship. If ever.

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